‘Three Parts Iced Over’ was a large scale total theatre production conceived, choreographed, written and directed by Caroline Lamb and Wyndham Price using a 75 strong cast of professional and community dancers and actors aged 7 to 70.
‘Three Parts Iced Over’ was an atmospheric work at the heart of which was the birth to death journey of a twenty first century man, Rhys Williams tragically orphaned at an early age. As his life unfold, he becomes mysterious entwined with ‘Victorian’ Catherine Helstone who lives to dance.
This production by Striking Attitudes explored the frailty and frustration of the human condition, questioned the point of human endeavour and asked what happened to the ‘long since forgotten soul of man’ in an age dominated by material greed.
“It’s excellent- so simple, so complex, so wonderful. Go and see it please. The network of emotions that runs through it is marvellous. A wonderful marriage of movement and the spoken word. It was so gripping. Everyone must go and see it.” S4C TV review of ‘Three Parts Iced Over’.



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