Striking Attitudes is a dance company based in Cardiff that works with professional dancers who can act and actors who can dance. Striking Attitudes celebrates the older dancer – both professional and community – creating performance opportunities that highlight their unique attributes.

Footfalls – 2011 (trailer)
Footfalls – 2011 (full)
The Cedar Tree (2018)

Once Upon A Time in the Dark, Dark Wood – 2013 (trailer)
Once Upon A Time in the Dark, Dark Wood – 2013 (full)
Each for All: All for Each – 2013
Coming of Age – Part of the Gwanwyn Festival 2010

This dance piece choreographed by Caroline Lamb for Striking Attitudes was performed for the Gwanwyn Festival of Arts and Creativity of older people in 2010. This work will also feature in Striking Attitudes’ second film, Footfalls.

This piece highlights the work of the older dancer and gives an opportunity to get an unusual close up view of two older dancers at work (Belinda Neave and Frank Rozelaar Green), proving that grace and artistry may change as we get older, but they do not diminish.

Striking Attitudes: The Eerie Art of Taking Tea (part 1) – 2012

On July 16th 2011, Striking Attitudes dance group from Cardiff was invited to create a piece for Taliesin’s Dance Days at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea. ‘The Eerie Art of Taking Tea’ was performed by 15 professional and community dancers and actors.

Caroline Lamb, the Artistic Director of Striking Attitudes describes this piece: “Mysterious, pale, veiled and fantastical Edwardian ghostly dancers sway and turn. A jolly foxtrot is heard and the ghostly dancers let their hair down”.

Striking Attitudes collaboration with Manic Street Preachers: Repeat – 2012

Manic Street Preachers official music video for the 20th anniversary re-release of their Album called ‘Generation Terrorists’. Striking Attitudes are featured in this video to support the track called ‘Repeat’ . Directed by Patrick Jones, choreographed by Caroline Lamb, and the following Striking Attitudes professional dancers performed: Belinda Neave, Miranda Knight, Janet Fieldsend, June Campbell-Davies, Caroline Lamb, Dylan Davies, Stuart Hulse, and Brendan Charleson.

Striking Attitudes collaboration with Turbowolf: Rabbit’s Foot – 2014

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