Striking Attitudes is a professional dance theatre company that works with dancers who can act and actors who can dance. Striking Attitudes uses dance, text and visually compelling imagery to create richly imaginative and original choreography. It is vibrant and exciting dance theatre.

‘Caroline Lamb’s choreography has always been distinctive. It’s gripping and stylised dance theatre’ – David Adams, The Guardian.

Caroline Lamb's choreography for 'Remains To Be Seen'

Caroline Lamb’s choreography for ‘Remains To Be Seen’

Grace, vitality, physical wisdom and a myriad of life experiences dwell in the bodies of older dancers. A lifetime of living, our personal journeys through the ups and downs of life, the many varied landscapes we have inhabited – through the power of experience the older dancer has many stories to tell and something very special to offer.

Making work that celebrates the older dancer – both professional and community – and highlighting their unique attributes is the main aim of Striking Attitudes’ work. Whilst not only working with the more mature dancer, much of Striking Attitude’s work provides a platform and performance opportunities for older dancers.

Striking Attitudes believes that the ageing body can still be a dancing body. Why should we stop dancing as our bodies change? The older dancer must have an equal chance to remain creative, to take part, to have the right to dance. We ask what it means to be a dancer as we age.

Striking Attitudes flies the flag for the mature dancer – we offer continuity of purpose and careers explored further, not terminated. We aim to be a force for change at a time when the number of older people in our society is rapidly growing, and to be a voice for Wales by engaging in dialogues and partnerships that question the ageism endemic in our society.

“The older dancer is not about being ’less’ of a performer but about being a ‘different’ performer – a performer with a depth of physical knowledge and life skills that can make for compelling and fascinating performances.”

Caroline Lamb 2010

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