Striking Attitudes review: The Long Winter at the Wales Dance Platform (2015)

Steve Stratford reviewed Striking Attitudes’ performance, ‘A Long Winter’ at the 2015 Wales Dance Platform.

‘Day two ended with what could be my favourite work of the entire platform…a beautiful, delicate evocation of the ageing process, the fragility of life as we hurtle without escape toward the inevitable…The power of The Long Winter stayed with me long after I’d left the building. That, for me, is a haunting legacy to leave your audience.’

Read the full review below:

Striking Attitudes in Arts Professional (2013)

Striking Attitudes were recently featured in Arts Professional. Please follow the link below to read the article ‘Still Viable and Vital’ all about the older professional dancer:

Striking Attitudes in ‘Dancing Times’ (2013) 

Stepping Further_DT_November 2013

Each For All: All For Each BBC Publicity (2013)

Striking Attitudes is mentioned in this ( article in relation to their current show ‘Each For All, All For Each’ which marks the centenary of the Senghenydd mining disaster.

The production, choreographed and directed by Artistic Director Caroline Lamb, will feature text from Welsh poet and playwright Patrick Jones and music written by James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers!

Once Upon A Time in the Dark, Dark Wood Press and Feedback (2013)

‘The oldest member of the company is 67 yet we were lulled and delighted by their soft movement and particularly by the way the ensemble warmly related to each other’ – Michael Kelligan, Director and reviewer for Western Mail

For the full review click here:

Striking Attitudes accomplished the rare delight of presenting the magical as everyday.‘ – Buzz Magazine, Cardiff

For the full review click here:

‘Lamb’s sections in this work speak most clearly, showing her experience as a maker, especially in the building of a language of dance motifs and in the use of music and text, references cleverly inter-woven to create a dark, fairy tale ambiance – but these are fairy tales for the other end of life – for the fearful time before death, a place of symbols and lessons echoing in memory and pulling at the unconscious, a cross-hatching of images, both aural and visual, that reveal Lamb’s experience as a movement director for opera.’
– Jenny March, Theatre Wales

For the full review click here:

‘A great pleasure to see such experienced performers bringing maturity and meaning to the stage.’ – Geoff Moore, Moving Being Productions

Congratulations on a stunning piece of work.‘ – Sara Beer, Director and Producer

It really was superb. The best thing I’ve seem for a long while. It re-instilled my faith in local work. My congratulations. Fantastic work’ – Chris Durnall, Theatre Director

A beautifully atmospheric piece.‘ – Chris Morgan, Director and Actor.

‘This was enthralling – such a theatrical and well-conceived production, congratulations.‘ – Lynn Hoare, Audience.

Absolutely mesmerising.‘ – Amanda L Jones, Audience.

Striking Attitudes in the Western Mail (2011)

A two-page feature written by Abbie Wightwick, about Striking Attitudes and the making of the Footfalls film appeared in the Western Mail in November.

Abbie visited the ladies of Cofio dance group who participated in the film to find out more. “I never thought I’d dance at the top of a mountain at 92,” says Nell Cooper, talking to Abbie about her experience during the filming of Footfalls.

The feature goes on to say: “Nell, who will be 93 in a few months, says she never dreamed she’d be in a film but she was determined to get to the top of Maerdy Mountain. “Well, I love dancing,” she adds by way of explanation. “I’ll never stop.”

Older Dancers in New Art Film article

 Striking Attitudes ‘Footfalls’ Press (2010)

Striking Attitudes have been featured on the dawns i bawb website in connection with their Footfalls for the community Cwm Machno (North Wales) group:

‘With people from Cwm Penmachno (Conwy) we worked with professional choreographers and a film maker to take part in making a dance film located in the old quarry of the village. An extremely moving experience for all of us.’

‘Happy, spellbound and enjoyed every minute of workshop – Vivienne L.

‘Creative, physically magical‘ – Sue S.

Striking Attitudes ‘Three Parts Iced Over’ Press (2006)

‘It’s excellent- so simple, so complex, so wonderful. Go and see it please. The network of emotions that runs through it is marvellous. A wonderful marriage of movement and the spoken word. It was so gripping. Everyone must go and see it.’

S4C TV review of ‘Three Parts Iced Over’.

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