From 13th September, 2011

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday 13th November for the first screening of our new film Footfalls. We had a wonderful turn-out including our professional dancers and many of the community dancers who took part in the film and who travelled from all over Wales to join us for the event – thank you to all of you for making such an effort to be with us.We received some wonderful comments from people who joined us at the screening. Here are just a few of them:

“It’s really an impressive film; what a great achievement” – Ajay at Portland Green Cultural Projects
“I thought the film was very beautiful” – Siri Wigdel, Arts Council Wales
“Moving, powerful piece. Wonderful” – Jane Jones
“Fantastically well done! Wow! Venice Biennale next stop!” – Gerry and Judith Foy
“Great” – Alicia Richards
“Beautiful” – Diana Sagar
“Class, from start to finish. Well done everyone who was involved” – Dan Green
“Seamlessly poetic, moving and powerful” – Lia Moutselou
“Very moving and powerful” – Eira Dyer
“Moved to tears! Extraordinary, the whole film. Moving. Beautiful. Thank you for involving us. Congratulations” – Julie Evans, Cofio
“A very moving film. Wonderful” – Pam, Cofio
“A wonderful performance” – Nell, Cofio
“Outstanding performance. Privilege to be here.” – JB Sakola
“Fascinating film and quite different” – Hawys James
“Enjoyed very much” – Elaine O’Brian
“Amazing film and gorgeous dancers. Just like your blurb says; it’s so good to see dancers with so much to give” – Judi Hughes
“Fantastic film, really moving, exceptional” – Bobbie Jacobs
“Brilliant film – hypnotic” – Colin Jacobs
“Astonishing achievement. Stunningly beautiful. Connotative, beguiling, mythic and totally satisfying.” – Wyndham Price

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