Striking Attitudes’ 2008 film, Remains To Be Seen, tells of times past, times remembered and times to come. It evokes images of desire, memory and our journey from innocence to knowledge. 

Shot in the landscapes of Wales and featuring Cardiff’s Victorian architecture, Remains To Be Seen was choreographed and directed by Caroline Lamb and celebrates the particular skills and attributes of the older dancer. 18 professional and community dancers, age 42 to 75, took part. 

The professional film crew of Wyndham Price, Zoran Veljkovic, Chris Buxton, Luke Jacob and Oanis Rawbone had 19 community filmmakers working alongside them. They attended two film making workshops with Wyndham Price.

Ghost Dancers – Caroline Bruce, June Campbell-Davies, Dylan Davies, Janet Fieldsend (rehearsal director), Nigel Gilvier, Russell Gomer, Miranda Knight and Frank Rozelaar-Green. 

Women in floral dresses – Carol Brown, Linda Bullock, Liz Harris, Geraldine Hurl, Olivia Jones, Jill Kirkpatrick, Karen LeBeau, Dilys Price, Shirley Stansfield and Diane Stanton.

Remains To Be Seen was created for the Gwanwyn Festival 2008 with the support of Arts Council of Wales, Film Agency for Wales, NIACE, Age Concern Wales and Dyffryn Gardens.

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