Based on a collection of letters to a Miss Griffiths from Wales in the 30s and 40s, this work remembers hopes, disappointed dreams, and a time long gone when formality was of consequence and life revolved around simple seasonal pleasures; holidays in Talgarth, the opening of the church fete, the knitting of a new cardigan.
This work was initially performed as part of the Gwanwyn Festival 2014 and shown at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. Dear Miss Griffiths was then selected to be part of the prestigious inaugural Elixir Festival for older dancers and shown at Sadler’s Wells, London in September 2014.
What a fantastic privilege to see Caroline Lamb’s inspired choreography ‘Dear Miss Griffiths’, performed at Sadler’s Wells. Such a poignant interpretation of real-life/small life heartbreak, regret sorrow. A triumph!‘ – Christi Seyd Brown, Sadler’s Wells audience member
Choreographer: Caroline Lamb
Rehearsal Director: Janet Fieldsend
Dancers: Julie Evans, Liz Harris, Miranda James, Olivia Jones, Jill Kirkpatrick, Lynne Lewis, Diana Millbank, Kate Price, Alicia Richards, Judy Sealey, Shirley Stansfield.

Rehearsal Photos 

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