A look at who and where we come from…

‘A place where something originates or is nurtured during its early life.’
Mummy, mother, mama, mutti, maman, madre, ma, mam, mum, mom.

We are older now – how do we remember our childhood self?
How do we remember the parents who shaped us?
Who have we become and what part has our upbringing played in this?

This piece was part of the Gwanwyn Dance Night in May 2016 which was hosted by the National Dance Company of Wales in partnership with Striking Attitudes and Rubicon Dance.

Choreographed by artistic director Caroline Lamb and assisted by rehearsal director Janet Fieldsend with contributions from the dancers.

Dancers – Linda Bullock, Kath Dimery, Liz Harris, Olivia Jones, Karen Le Beau, Lynne Lewis, Shirley Stansfield

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